How Are Porta Potties Kept Clean?

A portable toilet company is responsible for keeping its toilets clean. The process starts with regular maintenance and sanitation. Portable toilets are not attached to a sewer system and must be cleaned regularly. If the units are at a site, a maintenance schedule should be designed to clean the units frequently during use and after. When you order a porta potty rental in Mobile, AL, the units are cleaned and sanitized before they are delivered.

Steps in Cleaning Portable Toilets

As mentioned, regular maintenance and cleaning is the first step to maintaining clean facilities. The process starts with waste removal using specialized equipment.

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A cleaning team will come to the site and remove the facilities. Then proper and thorough waste removal is conducted. After this, the facility is thoroughly cleaned using disinfectants and other chemicals. Technicians will restock the bathrooms and deodorize the facility.

The next step is cleaning the exterior of the facility. This is done using a power washer and chemicals. After the unit has been cleaned inside and out, a technician will do a thorough inspection to see if any damage needs to be repaired. The final step is ensuring the unit meets quality standards by measuring it against a metric. Understanding how a unit is cleaned and maintained gives clients peace of mind that the facility they hire meets industry regulations and standards.


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