US Home Remodeling Tips to Prepare for Fall

While it may still be hot outside, fall is fast approaching. You may already be feeling the temperatures cooling down. With the changing seasons, it’s a great time to renovate your property. To help you get started, here are eight US home remodeling tips to prepare for the fall.

1. Garage Remodel

If there’s one thing that garages are known for, it’s being a catch-all for the random items that don’t seem to have a use or a designated storage space. So, as you bid farewell to summer and hello to fall, consider organizing the garage and undertaking some remodels as part of your US home remodeling project to prepare it for the cold months instead. Does your garage door have cracks or a slight sag, making it almost impossible to lift? If so, it’s time to consider a replacement with minimal maintenance needs.

A new garage door and opener will make accessing your garage easier and safer. As one of your home’s most significant exterior features, it can renew and refresh the esthetics. Your main options for the door itself include a sectional, roller shutter, and up-and-over. Your choices for the garage door opener include a chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, jackshaft drive, and direct drive opener. You can consult garage door companies if you’re confused about which is best for your needs.

If you use your garage year-round for storage or as your workshop, you may be interested in investing in insulated garage doors and garage walls. With proper insulation, you’ll have more control over the temperature in your garage. This means it won’t get as cold in the fall and winter, and since you won’t lose energy through air leaks, you’ll start enjoying lower heating bills.

If you’re among the many people with the luxury of working from home, you need a quiet space you can call your own. Why not convert your garage into a home office? A work center where you get things done. You’ll obviously need a desk for your computer and phone line. Since most of your operation will likely occur online, ensure you have stable internet access.

You’ll also need to invest in organization and storage solutions like filing cabinets and shelves for your files, equipment, and other supplies that facilitate your work. Another great remodeling project to consider is installing new flooring. A new floor will instantly make your garage look attractive, elegant, and clean. Besides the aesthetic enhancement, your floors will be protected from cracks, chipping, leaks, and spills. The new surface will also be easier to clean.

2. Landscaping

Your home’s landscape is often the first thing that meets the eye when people are walking up to the property. Its condition can make or break the first impression it leaves on guests or potential buyers. Fall is also the perfect season for spending time in the yard while enjoying a warm drink bundled up in a light jacket. So, before heading to your nearest Starbucks to grab your pumpkin-spiced latte, take some time to consider your landscape’s needs as part of your US home remodeling project.

The first thing you must know about fall landscaping is that colors, accessories, and textures are the game’s name. You can make even the smallest space look rather spacious with strategically placed small trees and large shrubs. Layering is a great technique for making your yard appear to extend for miles. Japanese maples are perfect for this particular effect.

Planting a couple of evergreens along your yard’s boundaries is another smart move. They provide excellent seclusion and a rich background for the rest of your garden. One piece of advice regarding evergreens is to choose ones that will reach the ideal height for your garden space and lawn.

To give the yard a put-together look, consider investing in landscape curb edging. Well-designed landscape borders will make your yard look tidy and maintained, boosting its visual appeal. A neatly defined stone landscape edging will help direct people on where they should walk and where they should avoid. This guarantees your garden will grow correctly and without interruption.

When preparing your landscape for the fall as part of your US home remodeling project, it’s easy to focus all your efforts on the yard. However, the fall is a fantastic season to paint your home’s exterior. If your home’s paint is in good condition, consider repairing the siding and addressing any chipped paint spots. It’d be unfortunate to have a beautiful fall landscape only to find that the background desperately needs a fresh coat.

3. Window Renewal

While most homeowners believe summer is the best time for replacing their windows, fall is also a viable alternative for this US home remodeling project. It may actually be better in some ways. Summer is often the busiest time for the typical window and siding contractor.

The fall is less hectic than the other seasons, making it easier to schedule your window replacement. It also means the job will be completed faster. It can take weeks or even months for your window installers to accommodate your job into their calendar.

Another advantage of window renewal in the fall is it’ll help make your heating system’s efforts more efficient for the coming winter. Windows and doors are two of the greatest offenders for letting warm air escape in the winter, causing you to spend more money than you need to on heating expenses to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. You’ll eventually save money by installing new, energy-efficient windows, and possibly even more if you get new doors.

As you replace the windows for your US home remodeling project, consider installing shutters with the help of a local shutter company. Window shutters offer a quick and easy approach to enhancing the security of your home. They were historically intended to keep out trespassers, but they can also help deter theft by making it harder to break into a house. Shutter panels feature louvers and slats that are sufficiently small to allow you to see through them while also ensuring security against unwanted guests.

Shutters are also a great way to give your house a unique sense of flair and beauty. They’ve been popular for enhancing a home’s exterior esthetics for hundreds of years. Things have only gotten better with time. Today, shutters are available in traditional and modern designs to match almost any type of decor. Whether conventional, contemporary, or a marriage of the two, installing shutters is a great way to introduce visual interest to your property.

4. Sprinklers

While the fall is a time to enjoy the holidays, it’s also important to maintain your lawns and irrigation systems. This time of year is known for bordering two extreme weather conditions: summer’s heat and winter’s freezing temperatures. Without adequate preparation, your sprinkler system will take a hit. Don’t wait until the thick of fall to address your sprinkler system’s maintenance needs; do it now as part of your US home remodeling tips.

Understanding your lawn’s water needs is the first step in prepping your sprinkler systems for the upcoming season. The thing is, fall can be a little challenging in that regard. How so?

The temperature is quite similar to summer at the start of fall. Your lawn will still need around 2 inches of water every week. That means your sprinkler system will have to work harder. You likely won’t need to adjust the units.

As you reach the middle of the fall, temperatures start to drop. At this point, your lawn will only need to get approximately a half inch of water weekly. It’s the ideal time to adjust and prepare your sprinkler systems for the impending harsh winter weather.

Fall typically comes with an increase in rainfall. Unfortunately, this might over-water your lawn and eventually disrupt your watering schedule. So, what do you do in such a situation? Investing in a rain sensor is a great place to start. Regardless of how often you water your lawn, rain sensors will signal your sprinkler system to automatically turn off when they determine it has enough water.

5. Septics Servicing

As you perform your fall clean-up chores, remember to take care of the septic system. A great place to start is adding extra insulation for the cold months. Letting the grass on your septic tank grow out more than you’d usually let it give it an extra layer of protection is also a good idea. You can also spread mulch over the area where your septic system is located.

Pump your tank with the help of a septic service before the snow and subzero temperatures of winter arrive. When it’s snowing, and the ground is freezing, locating your tank and digging into the earth will become much more challenging. Give your local septic professional to get your tank pumped. Examine the pipes inside and outside your home and your septic tank’s lid and address any leaks immediately to prevent frozen pipes during winter.

If your system features a distribution box, fall offers the perfect conditions for changing the elbow on your leach lines. This maintenance task will give that part of the leach field a break. You can return to it in the spring once it’s had time to recover.

6. Fresh Water

Scheduling well drilling for your property as part of your US home remodeling project, whether in preparation for fall or any other season, is always a good idea. If you doubt it, ask the 15 million people in the United States who rely on well water, according to Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions. One of the most notable advantages of an on-site water supply is the reduced costs.

After the water well drilling company comes to your property and digs the well, your water is basically free. Having a well on your property will attract some expenses, such as purchasing a water softener, filtration system, and water well pumps. However, owning a water well is still less expensive than paying a monthly bill. You may even be eligible for a tax credit in certain areas when you add a well to your property.

Investing in a water well is a smart move for property owners since it allows access to a resource that can be accessed almost anywhere. When you have a well nearby, you won’t ever be concerned about a city water main breaking and cutting off your water supply. You can say goodbye to the fees of transporting water from the city to your home while enjoying the reliability of having a well in your home.

7. Water Restoration

Water damage restoration doesn’t necessarily fall under remodeling, but it’s worth adding to your US home remodeling projects list. It’s always best to turn to a professional water damage restoration company for such an undertaking. Such damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can result in severe consequences.

The pros go through rigorous training, which helps them to identify and address potential issues you would otherwise miss. While on your property, they’ll check for polluted water, ensuring the area is safe for you and your family and assessing the structural damage. Professional water damage restorers can access the most up-to-date equipment and tools to guarantee the best outcomes. These include dehumidifiers, air movers, drying mats, and infrared cameras. Having the right equipment makes all the difference in the restoration.

8. Home Decor

The fall is a great time to decorate. Whether you’re aiming for stylish fall table decor or want to refresh the front door, your options are virtually endless. If you don’t want to spend too much money, buy some scented candles and unique candleholders and place them on different surfaces in your living room to add a warm and inviting glow. You’ll have a space that smells great while enhancing its visual interest.

For the holders, think deep reds and burnt oranges. Don’t underestimate the decorating versatility offered by candles. With most stores having an online shop and also delivering your products, you can buy these decor items from the comfort of your home.

You can also uplift your home with fall foliage. Nothing captures the changing of seasons like the changes in nature. From the hues of the leaves on the trees to the vibrant summer blossoms that give way to the rich fall foliage. Adding a few fall flowers and leaves to your interior decor is a quick and easy way to change up the appearance of a space and help it seem more fall-like.

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. As we say goodbye to summer and approach fall, use the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming changes. You can undertake several remodeling projects to ensure your home is ready. This read provides some great US home remodeling tips.

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