Three Most Common Reasons Why Women Go in For Breast Implant Surgery

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There are three most common reasons for women to go in for breast implant surgery, the first of which is to experience a 34 percent increase in satisfaction with your sex life. At least that is what a recent poll of women who have implants say has happened to them. The FDA began regulating breast implants in 1976. However, breast implants became available to the public in the 1960s.

The second most popular reason for breast implants Tampa is for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. More women than ever are having breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. In fact, in 2011 about 96,000 women had breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. In the last three years alone, as many as one million women have gone in for breast implants here in the United States.

The third most common reason women go to plastic surgeons for breast implants Tampa FL is bra size. The average woman wears a 36C bra. When women are not happy with their bra size, they have the option for Tampa breast augmentation. There are some very good plastic surgeons tampa fl that are qualified to Tampa breast implants. It is most important for women to find out as much as they can about breast implant surgery before having it done. Women should also research which plastic surgeons tampa FL are best. Reading reviews online about the different plastic surgeons Tampa FL helps women find the best plastic surgeons Tampa FL today.

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