Car Window Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Glass repair phoenix

Before glass came into wide use, a variety of other materials were used for windows, like paper and extremely thin marble sheets. The first windshield wiper system was patented in 1917 by Charlotte Bridgewood, whose daughter created the turn signal. Modern auto windows are made of a sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between two layers of glass. If there is damage directly in a driver’s line of sight or a crack in the windshield touches its edge or is more than six inches long, window repair Phoenix is not enough and it is time to replace your windshield or other car window.

Window repair phoenix can help to keep your car safe. New Arizona auto glass can improve your visibility when you drive and help to keep your window from breaking dangerously in an accident. Phoenix auto glass repair can also be used to help ameliorate damage to a window that does not require the entire window to be replaced. Auto glass phoenix AZ and auto glass repair Phoenix do not have to be prohibitively expensive and repairing instead of replacing when a new window is not needed can help. Get more on this here.

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