Dealing with Federal Tax Problems, and Finding Resolutions

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Do you owe federal taxes and find yourself unable, or having difficulty, to repay them? You are not alone in this struggle. Many Americans every year have federal tax problems and difficulty with the IRS, which is known for its complicated rules. What are some things you should know before you move forward toward resolution?

Keep in mind that you have rights of your own. If you continue to not pay up on taxes, the IRS can issue a federal tax levy upon your assets, which is something many people fear. In order to do this, however, the IRS owes you a thirty day warning, and if you get a lawyer, you can usually prove that you are moving toward resolution and should not yet have your property claimed through the levy system.

When you owe federal taxes, it is recommended that you seek the help of an attorney or licensed negotiator to help you move toward federal tax relief. Although adding on the cost of an attorney or negotiator can seem daunting, they often work for a flat rate fee, and ultimately can be useful enough that the service pays for itself, especially considering your peace of mind that will occur once you can move on.

What can an attorney do for you when you owe federal taxes? Multiple things. As mentioned, they can forestall a federal levy. They can also help with wage garnishment, which is when the government takes a percentage of your paycheck from your employer before it ever reaches you. An attorney can lower the percentage removed, and they can also ask the court for innocent spouse relief, if that is a problem. Find more:

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