Healthy and Delicious Hummus Recipes

Hummus spread

Most people do not realize the healthy mounts of protein and fiber that chickpeas in hummus contain. The chickpea originates from the ancient Phoenicians. The Phoenicians brought chickpeas to the Middle East, and the cultivation of chickpeas originates from some 7,000 years ago. Today, you can find delicious hummus recipes easily online. Some recipes using hummus include hummus dips. Dips are popular for chips and other finger foods. Recent studies show hummus becoming very popular in the United States. During 2010, the consumption of hummus increased 35 percent during a 21 month period. Hummus sales in the United States reached almost 300 million dollars.

Hummus is so popular that it even made a Guinness World Record, with a dish that weighed more than 4 tons. Recipes using hummus are beneficial to your health because hummus contains Omega 3. In addition to Omega 3, recipes using hummus contain essential vitamins and other nutrients the body needs. There are different hummus brands available on the shelves, so be sure to take the time read reviews online. You can use spicy fresh guacamole with hummus to create a spicy dip for your chips and other finger foods. Hummus is a unique Lebanese food since October of 2008.
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