Mistakes Made During Swimming Pool Maintenance

It’s no secret that many homeowners overlook swimming pool repair and maintenance. You want to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready for a splash anytime. But, you might make some mistakes without even realizing it. Because the task isn’t as simple as just filling it up with water and jumping in.

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First off, those little chemicals you add to the water to keep it nice and safe. Too much or too little of these can mess things up big time. You don’t want to turn your pool into a science experiment gone wrong. Then there’s the skimmer. That thing that looks like a big spoon scooping up leaves and bugs from the water.

Well, if you’re not keeping an eye on it and emptying it out regularly, you’re asking for trouble. Nobody wants to swim with a bunch of creepy crawlies. In comes the filter, which pumps out all the gunk and keeps things clear. But if you’re not giving it a good clean occasionally, it gets clogged up and stops working properly.

Don’t forget about pH levels. It’s just making sure your pool water isn’t too acidic or basic. You want it just right. Otherwise, your skin might start feeling all itchy and nobody wants that. And your pool needs a good scrub-down every once in a while, just like your bathtub. If you’re slacking on swimming pool repair, you’re inviting algae to come party in your pool, and that’s one party you don’t want to see.


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