A Guide for Cleaning Your Greasy Kitchen Hood

A kitchen hood should be cleaned regularly and isn’t the most fun cleaning to do in your home or commercial kitchen. The kitchen hood grease cleaning should be done regularly in your home at least once a week, with the right cleaning materials. You’ll need degreasing cleaning equipment and a scrub brush that won’t scratch the hood. To start, make sure you pull the filter out and sit in some warm water with the degreasing chemical.

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You’ll want to let it soak for a little while, and then once the build-up starts breaking down, you’ll be ready to clean it off and put it back in the hood.

Before you put the filter back on the hood, make sure you wipe the rest of the hood down with a degreaser. You can do a test first to see if a certain area will work with the chemical, by spraying and letting it sit for a few minutes. Once it sits for a few more minutes, wipe it down and then prepare to clean off the rest of the hood. Once all the grease has been removed, you can do a final wipe-down with warm water, and replace the hood filter. Make your kitchen hood grease cleaning easy by hiring qualified professionals.

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