This Minecraft Mod Adds a Small Feature with Big Implications

If you are considering Minecraft server hosting, you may also want to consider installing a modpack to play with your friends. Mods can create a whole new experience on a dedicated server. This is especially true because new mods are being created and released every week.

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In this video, you will learn about some of these mods.

One mod in particular that stands out is the Advancement Plaques mod. At first glace, this mod seems fairly unassuming. It replaces the old advancement notification that players received in the top right of their screens. Now, the advancement plaque is significantly more noticeable with a large banner/plaque that is centered on the screen. It even plays a nice little sound effect as well. However, this small mod opens up large possibilities. The design and sound of the plaque can be customized. Therefore, it will be relatively easy for modpack authors to integrate this mod into the pack and customize it to fit the theme. While this may seem insignificant, the creative possibilities are nearly endless with the sort of blank canvas that this provides for upcoming modpacks. Chances are good that you will see more of this mod in the future.


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