Alabama Hunting Season Underway, Get Your Skills Up To Snuff

Gray squirrel on a treeAutumn is upon us, and with the end of summer comes the beginning of prime hunting season. Bow and arrow stalk hunting of deer begins in mid-October. Now’s the time to plan ahead for licenses and permits. In addition, you should make sure you have all of your vaccinees (which save almost 2.5 million lives every year) in order before you go out and handle wild animals.

While you’re waiting for your season of choice, less popular hunting seasons are still ongoing. Geese season is closing soon (September 30), but small game like rabbit and squirrel are viable from September 15 to March 3.

Although many Alabama hunters are keen to get on the trail of some white tailed deer, don’t discount the enjoyment of hunting smaller game, even squirrels.

Back in the 1950s and 60s, gray squirrels were the prized game of choice for many local hunters. Nowadays, the challenge and thrill of squirrel hunting is often overlooked. Don’t forget how fast and wily squirrels are. You have to outsmart them in a hunt, which is harder than it sounds. They can easily dodge birds of prey and foxes in the wild, and even practice deceptive caching to throw their own kind of the trail of their food reserves. It’s been a big year nationwide for booming squirrel populations, so now is the perfect time to warm up for deer season and try your hand at squirrel hunting.

New to hunting and over the age of 19? Don’t forget about Alabama’s Adult Mentored Hunting program. New hunters over the age of 19 can sign up to go out on one-on-one hunts with a veteran hunter who will teach them the ropes. It’s a great opportunity to get hunting advice and enjoy some company. The first events are fast approaching in late October, so make sure you fill out an application on their site soon if you’re interested.

Before heading out this season, check up on all the licensing, regulations, and advice you could need. Every year arrests are made for unlicensed hunts or trespassing, and there are always a few tragic accidental deaths. Getting the proper legal bits settled and following safety advice makes hunting season easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Stay safe and happy hunting!


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