Record-Breaking 920-Pound Alligator Caught in Lake Eufasa

Hunting, Hunter, Shotgun.Gator season is here in Alabama. And this year, a group of hunters from Center Point, Alabama, caught a massive alligator from Alabama lake, weighing in at a terrifying 920 pounds. To date, this record-breaking gator is the largest alligator to be caught in Lake Eufala in Alabama.

The great hunt and kill took place in the beginning of August, just as hunting season began.

According to USA Today the massive alligator took a total of six men to pull in, measuring to a total of 13 feet and six inches long.

According to the Examiner the chase was as long and dangerous as the beast itself. Hunting buddies Scott Evans, Jeff Gregg, and Justin Gregg laid the bait and, at first, the alligator escaped the hook.

The friends then continued to pursue the reptile, following it for about 75 yards until they hooked it again.

Typically, alligator hunting can take days and yields a range of results. In the past, the men searched for three days and only found a nine foot alligator.

In the case of the Greggs and Evans, it only took 30 minutes to stop the reptile.

To the men, the catch is a hunter’s dream come true.

“We’re really blessed. In the South they’re the largest predator that we have, they’re magnificent creatures,” Jeff Gregg told the Examiner.
In total, the game yielded about 250 pounds of meat, that the men plan to use every scrap, getting creative with recipes for upcoming Labor Day festivities.

As for the body? Gregg has plans to re-purpose the skin, teeth, and claws, and turn them into jewelry to sell at his jewelry store in Birmingham.

Over the span of a year, around 38 million Americans will buy a piece of fine jewelry. Perhaps this year, someone will get lucky and take home a piece of the largest alligator caught this year, and the second-largest alligator caught in Lake Eufala’s history.

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