Non-Profit in Alabama Offers Free Electronic Recycling for a Good Cause

Business people holding recycle signUnited Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Mobile, Alabama is asking the local community for donations for their electronic recycling program, “Go Green for UCP.” They are accepting a variety of different devices to be recycled, free of charge.

In the past decade, recycling has become one of the largest eco-friendly trends, and new programs have been created to maximize a materials reusable life. A study in 2011 found that 94% of Americans were able to recycle plastic bottles. In addition, 40% of Americans are also able to recycle other types of plastic containers, such as yogurt cups, dairy tubs, and lids.

Despite the rise in universal recycling activities, many Americans still have difficulty finding a place where they can recycle their old electronics. This is exactly the problem the UCP is trying to fix.

”We had someone drop off a washing machine,” says one UCP employee. “That was new for us, but we certainly take it in.”

UCP will take computers, laptops, DVD and Blu Ray players, cell phones, tablets, flat screen televisions and monitors, printers, and fax machines. In addition, they will accept anything with an electric wire, including hair dryers, microwaves, Christmas lights, and washing machines.

The non-profit has a particular interest in ink and toner cartridge donations, and is offering a pick-up recycling service for local Mobile-area businesses. They have stated that they will take all cartridge types, and promise to send a representative to collect even a single cartridge.

They are also on the lookout for valuable materials that can be found in electronics, such as gold, copper, or aluminum.

According to WSFA News, the UCP is a non-profit organization that works with local citizens who have special needs. They specialize in advancing the independence of those with disabilities, and offer a variety of services. They also offer programs for all ages, including pre-school, summer camp, and adult programs.

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