Hacked Ashley Madison Data Ranks Alabama as Most Adulterous State

Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped. marital problemThe Ashley Madison data hack has ruined the schemes of millions of adulterers around the country — 37 million to be exact. As more names and data are released onto the internet, many states are being ranked for their number of participating adulterers on the taboo dating site.

According to Food World News, one of the data lists recently released ranks Alabama as the most unfaithful state in the entirety of the United States. And Google only increased suspicions, with Google’s Hot Trends List ranking “Ashley Madison Alabama List” as one of the highest searches, coming in at 100,000 queries in total.

Yet Google’s ranking may not be completely telling. The high volume of “Ashley Madison Alabama List” searches may be due in part to the recent resignation of Mayor Don Hall, whose name was released on the list of Ashley Madison users.

Since the data hack and release occurred, internet hackers have been flexing their prowess in order to figure out which states are the guiltiest of engaging in adultery.

Food World News reported that one Reddit user used the data to rank all 50 states, based upon the amount per capita spent. By a long-shot, Alabama came in first.

This list is available online for analysis, but experts say to be careful; many sites posing as Ashley Madison data informants are simply malware sites, trying to hack into your computer system. With a study from 2012 reporting that over 80,000 malware threats pop up each day, this is a legitimate concern, and those who seek this data should take precaution. Once you find a legitimate Ashley Madison informant site, in order to discern if the individual in question is guilty of an Ashley Madison membership ownership and affair, all you need to do is plug in the name’s email and the site will easily confirm or deny.

Will yet another big Alabama name surface on the list on online adulterers? Only time will tell.

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