Alabama Fan Gets Ole Miss Tattoo After Losing Bet

Football player making a catchApproximately 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. As many sports fans do, two college football enthusiasts made a bet on Saturday’s Ole Miss vs. Alabama game. It was not money that was at stake in the bet between Cam Wood and Alex Franz, however. It was their bodies.

The buddies decided that the loser would get a tattoo commemorating the defeat. If Alabama won the game, Wood would have to get the Alabama “A” and “RMFT” on his rear end. If Ole Miss won, Franz had to get “Colonel Reb” tattooed on his butt.

Unfortunately for Franz, the Rebels won 43-37.

“I’m more pissed about the game, but a bet’s a bet and I wasn’t going to back out,” Franz told Saturday Down South.

Though it might not be much consolation to Franz, he’s not the only person to ever get a tattoo he regrets. In fact, about 10% of tattooed Canadians have some regrets over their ink-related impulses.

Better yet, he’s not even the only one to get a tattoo after losing a bet.

In 2011, Juan Contreras and Josh Lucero bet over whether Tim Tebow would win five games as the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. If Contreras lost, he had to get a tattoo depicting Tebow as a centaur, with the words “Tebow Time.” If Lucero lost, he’d have to get a “Te-Blows” tattoo. Unfortunately for Contreras, Tebow went six and one, which meant he had to get the mythic tat.

And in 2007, Red Sox diehard Cliff Stewart bet a Yankees fan that if the Yankees won another World Series before the Red Sox, he’d get a Yankees tattoo on his derriere. In 2009, the Yankees won it all, and Stewart had to take a trip to the tattooist’s.

In 2011, Broncos fan Brady Wagner bet his Patriots loving friend that if Tim Tebow could lead Denver to a win over New England in their regular season matchup, his friend would have to get a Tim Tebow tattoo. Unfortunately, the Patriots won… by 18 points, so Wagner had to get Coach Belichick’s name in cursive on his lower back.

This tradition means that Franz is now a member of a rather exclusive club, one whose membership he’d definitely prefer not to have.

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