Treatment Programs Established for Teens Showing Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Abusse

Teens and drug abuse

The main priority of any parent is to provide their child with every opportunity available to have the brightest future possible. However, there is only so much that a parent can possibly do to ensure this for their child, and even the best parents are not able to prevent some of the challenges that children may face. It is far from uncommon for a child with wonderful parents to find themselves going down a dark path in life. Though this can be a very trying time, it is important for parents to realize that many times, a dark path is not always chosen, it is sometimes encountered by the happenstance of unfortunate circumstances. Teen alcohol abuse and drug addiction symptoms are among some of the main issues that can leave any parent very concerned and looking for the best solutions available. In cities such as Los Angeles and New York City, teen treatment programs are available to those who are going through substance abuse issues or mental afflictions such as self mutilation and eating disorders.

Underage drinking has become a major issue in the United States today. It is estimated that by the age of 20, 55 percent of American children and teenagers have consumed alcohol. Statistics gathered by the CDC show that in the United States, 8 percent of underage drinkers have driven after consuming alcohol. Such startling statistics can undoubtedly lead parents to looking for solutions if their teen is showing any evidence of alcohol abuse.

Self mutilation, most commonly in the form of cutting, is another issue that is frequently seen in teens. In young American girls, an estimated 1 in 200 between the ages of 13 and 19 have cut themselves. The cuts are usually not deep, as the act is used not as a suicide attempt but as a coping mechanism for dealing with emotions and stress.

In the United States, anorexia is considered to be the mental illness with the highest mortality rate. Within 10 years of being diagnosed, an estimated 10 percent of those with the disorder die from it. To provide them with help for issues such as substance abuse, self mutilation, and eating disorders, parents can enroll their children in teen treatment programs.

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