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Did you know that, within the past year, President Obama sat down in Magnolia’s Cafe and Deli to discuss higher education reform and a Hollywood crew infiltrated downtown to shoot scenes for the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Rochester, NY made a lot of headlines in 2013. Even so, many Americans do not realize that Rochester is not only a great place to visit for nation-famous events and attractions, but also a great place to live. Why should Americans pay attention to Rochester apartments and housing?

The George Eastman House

The George Eastman House is one of the most exciting and striking Rochester landmarks. The non-profit museum, open to locals and tourists in 1949, is nation-famous for its photograph and film archives. The museum is also well-know for conserving historical photographs, prints, and film strips. The George Eastman House hosts a number of holiday events. During the month of December, the site offers members and non-members gingerbread house and Christmas tree displays. The museum will also host an annual holiday celebration with refreshments, food, and Santa as well as weekend holiday film showings.

A City of Festivals

Locals and tourists alike have dubbed Rochester Festival City, and with good reason. From May to September, the city hosts a variety of exciting festivals, often showcasing local talents, arts, wares, and music. The Rochester Jazz Festival, for example, was named one of the top four in the country by The New York Times. Last year’s festival welcomed musicians and artists from 17 separate countries, and offered residents and visitors up to 81 free shows. This year’s Jazz Fest will be held from June 20 to 28. Other popular Rochester festivals include the Park Ave Summer Arts Festival, the BBQ and Blues Festival, the Lilac Festival, the East End Music Festival, and the Corn Hill Arts Festival.

Rochester events are not isolated to headlines and one-time events. Rochester offers residents and tourists alike year-round thrills, including the nationally recognized George Eastman House and Rochester’s many festivals. To see more, read this.

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