Cloud Based Scanner Systems

Wireless scanning

Cloud scanners and other devices that eliminate the use of paper in your office can make it dramatically more efficient. Around 95% of business information is still on paper, with an average employee printing about 45 sheets of paper per day. Knowledge workers can spend as much as 30% of their work hours just looking for information on paper. This is an enormous part of their day. As an employer, it means that as much as 30% of your costs for your best paid employees is wasted on their simply searching through filing cabinets. A single cabinet can have as many as 12,000 pages in it, and filing mistakes within these enormous masses of paper are common. An average (not a complex business) makes 19 copies of every document, spending $20 on their filing and $120 on every misfiling in labor. About one document in twenty is lost, and about 25 hours are wasted in each document’s recreation.

Portable scanners, like cloud scanners, can greatly reduce these hassles. When you scan to the cloud, the documents that you scan are stored in well organized and easily searchable filing systems that your employees can reach and look through without having to get up from their desks. This can eliminate or greatly reduce many of the problems outlined above. The overhead of setting up a cloud scanner system might be a turn off to some, but it will be less than the above costs repeating over and over for years on end. On top of the cost savings, about 50% of businesses that use cloud scanner systems do it for the increase in agility that it gives their business, helping them to cut costs and to be more fast and competitive. If your competitors are streamlining their businesses with systems like this, you may have to in order to remain competitive.

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