Ways to Move Easily Through Your Home

Home chair lift

King Henry VIII was injured through jousting, and used a version of stair chair lifts. The chair was hauled up and down stairs on a block and tackle system by servants at the ancient Whitehall Palace in London. Since most of us do not have servants to drag us up the stairs, we can find mobility in modern day power chair lifts. This technology makes mobile living easy and affordable.

The ADA defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. Having a disability or incapacitating injury can harshly change your daily life. However, you do not have to move your entire life to a single floor. There are plenty of financial options for mobility installations. You can easily transition up and down stairs with a home stair lift, home elevator options, or a vertical platform lift.

Living life in a wheelchair does not have to restrict your movement. A wheelchair lift, also called a platform lift, is a powered device designed to raise a wheelchair and its occupant. The power rating of the drive motors for domestic straight rail stairlifts can be around 250 watts. This means you will need to make sure your home can provide enough power. The initial investment in stair chair lifts mobility will certainly be worth the ease of movement through your home.

If you are living with a physical disability, you have rights to ease of mobility. In 1990, the ADA became a law enacted by congress. Under this law, you are granted rights and equality. You are entitled to handicap accessible access in public buildings. Often times this includes these stair chair lifts, ramps, or elevators. You may also have options for coverage of your chairlifts or home elevator installation.

If you are looking for ways to make mobility easier due to physical limitations, begin researching stair chair lifts for your home or office today. There are affordable options to eliminate the challenge of stairs, without having to buy a ranch style home. Do not give up on the ease of movement through your own home. Choose your chair lift today.

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