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When it comes to Rochester New York jobs, plenty of people spend enough time online to essentially be full-time shoppers. And why not, especially with the advancements the Internet has provided for easier, more reliable shopping experiences? One of the most prominent updates to the online retail system has been the emergence of deal of the day discount websites, especially Groupon.

Here’s how it works: These deal of the day sites offer certain discount for a limited time, usually about a day or two. Customers are encouraged to buy into this deal before time runs out in order to get a better deal than what they would pay otherwise. If your Rochester New York jobs include running any kind of business, these four facts might help you see the value of introducing discounts into your business model.

Daily deals account for nearly 20 percent of new business.

Daily deals, discounts and other coupons are proving to be huge marketing tools. Say you receive an email alerting you to an online-only promotional discount good through the next two days. You’re more likely to make a purchase when given that kind of narrow time frame. Accordingly, approximately 17.7 percent of the total revenue earned by small companies is acquired through customers taking advantage of a promotion or discount they encountered online.

People tend to go with what they’ve heard about.

When you find a good deal on a Rochester coupon site
, you are often inclined to share it. You could email it to family members or post it to your social media platforms for your friends to see. When these deals are discovered, your friends are significantly more likely to also pursue them. That’s why it’s important to allow these satisfied customers to share the good news as openly and widely as they can.

Repeat customers always begin as new ones.

Turning a casual customer into a die-hard fan takes time. Some of the most potent tools you can use depend on Rochester coupon websites, discounts and sales that allow the customers time to settle into your brand. Around 43 percent of customers will buy a daily deal from a site they’ve already given their business to simply because it’s familiar to them.

More than half of customers like share a deal.

As we mentioned above, satisfied customers can be the best evangelists for a particular brand. By sharing their satisfaction via social media, they can potentially rope family members and friends into purchasing similar deals or giving similar patronage to a certain business. Studies show that 54 percent of customers will share a deal even if they aren’t regular customers, though this increases the fact that they could become regulars in the future.

No matter what Rochester New York jobs you work, your online shopping habits could always benefit from scoping out the daily deal and coupon situation. And if your job is running a business, these same deals can open more doors for a new and growing customer base, too. Look into daily deals and other discounts and see what they can do for you.

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