Corporate Childcare Services

What to look for when choosing a daycare

Corporate childcare can be important for working parents. When both parents work or a child lives in a single parent household, some form of daytime care for children will be necessary. Corporate childcare is convenient for both parents and employers. Corporate daycare facilities are located on the employing company’s site and are sponsored or subsidized by the company. Generally, only company employees can use them.

The average four year old asks more than 400 questions every day. By the time children turn three, they will have more than 1,000 trillion neural connections in their brain, twice what adults do. The extremely high natural learning abilities of children this age can be fostered by a good daycare program that focuses on early childhood education, rather than just occupying children’s time while their parents are at work. A good corporate childcare provider will have programs that will help children to learn and to prepare for school, like any other daycare provider. Young children need special care both for their learning and for other reasons. For instance, very young children’s ears are more sensitive to high pitched sounds than adults, which is one reason why loud noises may startle them more. Good corporate childcare solutions should account for these and other issues.

If you are having trouble finding a daycare, employer sponsored childcare may be a good option if it is available. For employees, it is advantageous for its convenience and because it saves the time and worry of choosing between several daycares. For employers, it is advantageous because corporate childcare services can increase employee loyalty, decrease maternity leave days, and improve concentration on the job. Investing in a high quality corporate childcare service may be good for larger businesses with many employees that are likely to have children.

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