Five Facts You Need to Know About Event Planning

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Whether you need to look for wedding planner packages, baby shower locations Miami FL, or banquet halls in coral gables FL, here are a few of the most important facts that you should know about event planning.

1. According to Florida’s Office of Vital Statistics, 24,635 fewer babies were born in the state last year than in 2007. Though there are a lot of possible reasons for this decline, the rising average age of Florida residents could certainly be one of them.

2. Did you know that because of the facts that white is the color of mourning in Eastern cultures, white wedding dresses are incredibly uncommon in Eastern countries? A whole host of other more vibrant colors are usually chosen instead.

3. Couples’ baby showers, which are often referred to as “Jack and Jill” showers, are becoming increasingly popular and can take many forms. Studies have shown that part of the reason for this is as a result of the first two waves of feminism. Baby shower locations are also changing as the years go on.

4. The Old French word banquet, the likely source of the English term meaning feast or celebratory meal, is derived from Old French banc, or bench. This refers to the long bench seats originally used in banquet halls.

5. The average American couple spent an astonishing 27,000 dollars on their wedding in 2011. For some couples, this cost also included a wedding and event planner.

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