Busy Schedule and a Tight Budget? Consider Online Courses

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Did you know that, according to a 2011 Babson Survey Research Group and the College Board study, at least 31% of students are taking courses online? The scope of higher education is changing, and online courses are largely responsible for it. Why are more students choosing online programs, or choosing to earn online degrees, for continuing education?


Online programs, including psychology, math, engineering, and online education programs, offer flexibility. These programs give students the option of completing coursework and studying at any time of day. That opens up all kinds of possibilities. Suddenly, it is possible to earn a degree while working full-time, or while in the midst of frequent military moves. In fact, President of Ivy Tech Community College, Tom Snyder asserts, “I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning.”


Did you know that the Project on Student Debt reveals that the average college student is at least $26,600 in debt? Cutting costs wherever possible is important, and online higher education affords students several money-saving opportunities. How? Although online courses typically cost just as much as traditional courses, students can save a good deal of money on transportation costs. The average online student will save at least $100 per month on gas, and others save on clothes, supplies, and child care expenses, too.


An accredited online education can serve as preparation, too. Whether looking into UNM continuing education, or MIT online programs, more high school students are taking college courses online. Young students report that the courses prepare them for college-level tasks and learning, and, at times, they can earn degrees faster, too.

Online courses and degree programs can help you save time, and money, whether you are looking at colleges abroad, or considering UNM continuing education.

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