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Camouflage is all the rage, and not just among hunters. You can find all sorts of clothing and fashion statements, including camo bathing suits for girls and other camo clothing.

So just what is camouflage, and how did it come about as a fashion statement? Well, many animals are naturally camouflaged. Take the giraffe for instance. The pattern of the giraffe coat varies according to the environment, and some camouflage takes this pattern and uses it to mimic the broken shapes of light coming through the trees. This is to copy the dappled markings of giraffes.

Two Napoleonic War units of the British army were the first to use camo in the form of a rifle green jacket. During World War II, the use of aerial observation and attack led every nation in the war to camouflage targets of all types. Modern military camouflage has roots within the early 20th century Avant Garde cubist art movement.

It is this art movement that probably gave rise to current camo fashion, including camo bathing suits for girls. Camo is now considered art, and there are many different places you can see it in use. From camo bathing suits for girls to womens camo bathing suits that can be seen at nearly any beach or pool, to camo formal wear, it is increasing in popularity. You can even find camo weddings and camo baby bedding for the truly unique look.

Camo bathing suits for girls and other camo fashions may come in different colors outside of the usual browns, greens, and black. You can find camo bathing suits for girls in pink and purple designs. There are selections of camo bathing suits for girls that come in reds, blues, and many other bright colors.

Of course, you can find camo truck accessories and the usual camo hunting attire at your favorite sporting good store. So, if you are an outdoor enthusiasts rest assured that your favorite aisle will not be taken over by camo bathing suits for girls. You are still well covered.

And for those of you who do want to buy camo bathing suits for girls, just check out some retailers and you are sure to find some camo fashions.

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