Three Reasons College is Important

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Did you know that people who graduate from college make, on average, almost double the weekly income than those who do not? According to, the average college graduate makes around $1,100 a week. People with only a high school diploma make an average of $638 a week. Sure the money is great but the benefits of a college education do not stop there. Here are the top three reasons to go to college.

  1. Learn to Do What You Love
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    College education 411 points out that continuing education is the perfect forum for pursuing your passions. While it is true that you can break into some fields without a degree from continuing education, the fact is it is far less likely. This is true for prospective students who are just out of high school and people who are a bit older that are considering adult continuing education. College is the most surefire way to pursue your dreams successfully.

  3. Make Lasting Connections
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    It is no secret how important networking is in finding a good job. That is why social networking sites like LinkedIn exist. rightly points out that college is the best time to make friends and connections that will help you with both personal relationships as well as professional ones. The teachers you impress and the friendships you forge will both be important tools in securing sought after positions in the future. Consider a situation in which your former classmate has a position open. Both you and the competition, whom your classmate does not know, are equally qualified. Who do you suppose your fellow alum will choose?

  5. You Will Expand Your Horizons
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    Before going into a program like New Mexico continuing education programs it is not uncommon for your world view to limited. More likely than not your thoughts and ideas are limited to what you have experienced in the area you grew up or worked in. Programs, like UNM continuing education, afford you great opportunities to think outside of your own box. This is one of the things that is most sought after by college students. They know that by learning about other cultures, about the sciences and the arts, that they are set up to be much more interesting, thoughtful people.

Wherever you decide to study, whether its in continuing education unm or otherwise, you cannot ignore the facts that college is an essential part of a happy, successful life. While the only negative of a higher education experience is temporary debt, the positives are endless. Get out there and follow your dreams!

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  1. The thing I value most about my experience is point number 2. Not only have I been fortunate to give and get positions because of my connections but I’ve also made lasting friends.

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