Latin Food Gains Popularity in the US


Hispanic food is becoming more and more popular in the United States. While Mexican restaurants featuring foods like tamales and enchiladas have been well known in the states for many years, other foods that were not as familiar to those in the U.S. have also been more visible lately. For example, empanadas.

Empanadas are dough that is folded and stuffed with other ingredients. The filling can be made from any number of foods. There are empanadas filled with meat and vegetables, and some that are made with fruits. Empanadas have been showing up on menus recently and people are also finding recipes and making them at home.

The rising popularity of Hispanic food is not limited to empanadas. There are some other favorites that are still somewhat new to many in the United States. Ceviche is a popular dish made from fresh raw seafood and mixed with lime and lemon juice. When it is mixed together, the juices change the fish as if they are cooking it. Flan, a rich and creamy cooked custard with caramel, is a very popular dessert in Latin America and is now gaining quite a following in the United States as well.

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