California Divorce Law Can Destroy Life, But It Can Also Rebuild It

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Have you ever been with someone that you thought would never leave you? And, of course, they did? I know that that was true for me. I knew nothing about California divorce law and yet there it was deconstructing my life as I knew it.

In retrospect, it made a bit more sense. We were the last of a dying breed. All of our friends had already gotten divorced and we were the last bastian of marital happiness against the encroaching dark tides of cynicism. Apparently, statistics show that people whose close friends get divorced are almost 150 percent more likely to get divorced themselves. Go figure.

I wish I still had her baby pictures, because another study I read found that people whose early photos show them frowning are more likely to wind up getting divorced later in life, as well.

But as California divorce law took my life apart, I began to fight back using the same laws. I searched online for “CA family law,” “California adoption lawyer” and “California divorce lawyer.” Scarily enough, I also got a lot of hits for “elder abuse attorneys california” in my search as well, but I digress.

I guess my ex had had another guy the whole time, and the two of them wanted my kids. That was what finally made me crack. Except rather than take a psychotic break, I just got mad. I fought back. I learned that stepparent adoption, like any other form of adoption in the United States, is governed by the state as opposed to the federal government. Since these stat laws that regard stepparent adoption vary, it is really important to consult with an attorney in your stat that specializes with stepparent adoption.

So while the two of them failed to lawyer up, I took hold of the California divorce law practice I had already employed for the settlement, and began my counter attack.

As they looked into them, they also found that they were failing to care of my sickly former mother in law. In addition to securing my kids, the lawyers who knew their California divorce law were able to get her a conservatorship, which occurs when an individual (most commonly an elderly person) is deemed by the court to lack competency and is put under the legal care of another person. I knew nobody in their right mind would let someone treat them the way my ex did.

When the dust settled, I thanked the lawyers who made California divorce law work for me. Has anyone had any similar experiences with California divorce law? Share your California divorce law stories here in the comments section.

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