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Edible flowers for salads

Edible flowers are a fun specialty produce that have a delicate and fresh appearance and a unique, vibrant taste. Without even realizing it,you probably have already eaten flowers! Vegetables like, cauliflower, artichokes, capers, squash blossoms or broccoli are actually flowers. They might not be candied flowers, but they are flowers nonetheless.

Some varieties of specialty produce and edible flowers for salads include, pansy, bachelors buttons, marigold, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, calendula, dahlia and carnation. Candied violets are still made by some patient confectioners, today, but they gained heavy popularity during the Victorian period. Recently though, edible flowers have become more popular in professional kitchens because of their visual appeal to customers.

Crystallized flowers are edible flowers that have been coated in a sugar solution and dried. This makes flower crystals a lovely addition to any dessert. In addition to visual happiness, specialty produce can give you four to six times the nutrients found in the more mature form of the vegetable.

Microgreens seedlings are the beginning of these beautiful additions to food. When you find a professional who can grow these special edible flowers, you have found someone talented. Because they are difficult to grow, it is not always easy to find someone to grow them.

If you are getting married in the future, finding a pastry chef that will use Micro Greens is an awesome idea. Putting edible flowers on a cake can be beautiful looking and unique. Often, when people arrive at a wedding reception the first thing they want to look at is the wedding cake. It is important that on your wedding day you make sure your cake looks beautiful and memorable. By hiring a cake decorator who uses Micro Greens on their cakes, you can ensure your wedding cake will be wonderful to look at on your wedding day.

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