How to Be Successful in Pageant Competitions

Beauty pageant tricks and tips

Local beauty pageants, as well as regional, state-wide, and national competitions have become very popular and ubiquitous in American culture, as one could easily surmise from the success of TV reality shows such as “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

But these pageants are not all fun and games. They’re also serious business. In the United States, about 100,000 contestants who are younger than 12 years old participate in beauty pageants each year. Those who win these competitions don’t merely get a title, sash, and tiara, but often notoriety and cash awards as well.

While the states of New York, California, and Florida host pageants most frequently, pageants that are on an international scale often cull their contestants from hundreds, perhaps thousands of local contests. Sometimes pageants celebrate a s

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