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Until about 400 A.D., the majority of Christian worship services were held at the homes of different members of the congregation. Today, people who attend church services or masses every Sunday or Saturday evening cannot imagine worshipping the Lord without their familiar, old church pews. Actually, the first church pews did not appear until the 1400’s, when congregations would worship from removable stone benches.

For the majority of Christians, church furniture is just one element of a worship building structure that has become an icon within Western culture. Even for the millions of people who are not

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The Advent of the Pew and the Steeple

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The church steeples of today are reminiscent of old English cathedrals. In fact the early church architects in Medieval England began designing grand cathedrals with soaring intricate steeples that directed the parishioners eyes toward the heavens.

The church steeples and church furniture, like church pews, have evolved very little over the years. There have been some advancements in materials and craftsmanship of churchpews and church steeples, but we still have the same basic elements. In fact, antique church pew

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