What You Need to Know About Websites

Every day, people spend hours looking up things online. Websites are used to do everything from finding recipes to reading the latest book. All the information you need is at your fingertips, but how do websites work? What goes behind the scenes? This video will explain everything you need to know, from creating a domain name to the network behind the screen.

We see websites when we type something online, and a web page pops up. However, a complex network behind every site makes a website work. A domain name is carefully selected, and the registrar ensures no two domains are identical.

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You’ll discover entirely a few things that go into creating a website, and that’s before you begin to make the site itself.

Once a domain name has been picked out, many people start building their site. Websites can be very complex with multiple servers. Many businesses connect their sites to social media sites, like Facebook, and make sure they show up on popular search engines, like Google. This requires a more complex network. This video dives into everything you need to know about websites for beginners. It has the information you need to start learning more about what makes a website work.

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