Understanding the Helicopter Shipping Container Process

The video above takes place in the beautiful area of Antarctica to demonstrate how the helicopter shipping container procedure works. To start this task, one can see how the helicopter takes off from the helipad of the ship The location the reporter is in is freezing and icy, so as one can imagine, this job is very dangerous no matter the conditions.

The next step in the process is for the helicopter to make a huge turn before lifting the container. Allowing the pilot to make sure they have the correct location to release the cable that will be picking up the container.

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The cable is then dropped down to the shipping container. Here one can see that the workers all work together to tie the cable to the shipping container to secure it properly. After the cable is tied off and the crew is out of the way of the shipping container, it is time for the helicopter to airlift the shipping container and take it where it needs to go. 

Furthermore, this can be very dangerous. The job needs to be done using the utmost safety measures. Making sure that everyone works together to make the job run smoothly. Taking precautions is key.

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