What to Expect From a Small-Volume Suction Prospecting Dredger

Are you prospecting for gold? Then watch the YouTube video “Three-inch small portable gold suction dredger.” The video demonstrates how this small gold suction dredger goes to work in searching for your gold! It’ll demonstrate everything you need to know about suction dredging. If you’re in the market to buy a dredger to help you prospect for gold, this video will demonstrate how a small portable dredger works to help you make a decision.

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There’s a Difference in Sizes

If you plan to buy a suction dredger, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, before you spend a dime, consider how far you’ll need to transport your dredger to your prospecting site. Also, do you have the means to transport it? Secondly, how deep is the water where you’ll be prospecting? This will also affect the size of the dredger. Thirdly, what’s your budget? Smaller suction dredges do tend to be less expensive.

The portable gold suction dredger is powered by a high-pressure gasoline water pump. It sucks in all the water, debris, and gold. This material is then dispensed into a sluice through a header box. Essentially, this device works like a heavy-duty underwater vacuum. The sluice filters and recovers the gold from the water and gravel. It’s an investment worth its weight in gold!


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