How to Show Leadership When You Work for the Deputy Sheriff in Alabama

Watch the YouTube video “Law Enforcement Leadership: A Day on the Job with Deputy Sheriff Leighton Filiatrault.” The video highlights how a responsible deputy sheriff demonstrates leadership on the job. Authentic leadership starts by leading by example. By its very nature, this job requires that officers are impartial and fair when dealing with members of the public. However, this is only one way to show leadership.

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Leadership in Action

Candidates who want to work for the deputy sheriff must comply with the criteria. After successful recruitment, these officers must demonstrate leadership in their roles. It starts with displaying a solid work ethic, integrity, and professionalism in dealing with colleagues and the public. Officers must set high standards for their conduct and comply with the law.

Working towards continuously improving themselves is another significant step towards showing leadership on the job. Officers should constantly strive to improve themselves through training and experience and demonstrate strong leadership qualities. Improvement efforts should be aimed at both professional and personal growth and development.

Officers should take the initiative on the job. This includes going over and above their regular duties to serve and protect the area that they have been assigned to. Lastly, the key to mastering leadership in this role is to master outstanding communication skills. This includes communication with colleagues and the public.


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