Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Master Bathroom and Kitchen

Whenever you want to increase your home’s functionality and value, the master bathroom and kitchen should be first and second on your list. Apparently, these rooms share items like countertops and challenges like moisture. With moisture in these rooms, those granite countertops won’t do you any favor if unmaintained for an extended time. That said, you must have kitchen and bath pros to provide regular home solutions.

Master Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Benefits

The kitchen and bathroom are areas of a home that reveal the true personality of the homeowner. They are areas that require much cleanliness and, thus, much attention. So, the best way to breathe life at your home is by regularly maintaining your master bathroom and kitchen. Secondly, if you want to sell your home, these are the areas a potential buyer will request to view at first.

We often tend to perform minor repairs on these rooms. But if your home is several decades old, those minor repairs won’t do you much favor. You need residential demolition contractors to give your home a new look with the latest designs and technologies. Below we delve deeper into more benefits of renovating master bathrooms and kitchen with kitchen and bath pros:

Increasing a Home’s Value

Renovation can add value to your home depending on what you invest in your kitchen. Experts in home improvements recommend that the kitchen area contributes at least 5% of the home’s value. Home improvement experts say many people know kitchen contains moisture, therefore prone to damage than any other room. On the other hand, bathrooms are the second most risky area in terms of degradation and health problems.

Bathrooms, in general, can increase a home’s value from 10% to 40%. For a master bathroom, its value may range from 30% to 40%, depending on your investment. On average, a kitchen and master bathroom can contribute 15% to 45% of your home’s value.


Ask homeowners and household members about the heart of their home. And many will name the kitchen. The study revealed that an average person spends more than an hour in the kitchen daily. That amounts to around 400 hours yearly.

In a study, 77% recalled childhood memories of cooking with their families. As such, we can argue that the kitchen is the most desirable place to raise a home’s value. On the other hand, statistics revealed that men spend about 855.8 days in bathrooms, while women spend 770.8 days of their lifetime. That said, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most valuable rooms in a home.

It Shows Your Organization skills

Guests are more likely to peep into your kitchen through the dining room and more likely to visit your bathroom. Surprisingly, these are the rooms a potential home buyer will check after inspecting the living room. So, a master bathroom and kitchen makeover with kitchen and bath pros will reveal your clean personality to guests and potential home buyers.

That aside, the bathroom is the first place you visit after waking up, followed by the kitchen. Suppose the rooms are messy and cluttered; you will have a dull day. So, by having your home upgraded by kitchen and bath pros, you boost your mood and productivity at work.

Energy and Water Efficiency

The kitchen carries the most common home appliances like refrigerators and microwaves. Bathrooms also have electrical equipment we use to heat bathing water. For example, if your home was built in the late 80s or 90s, the electrical wiring and lighting may be outdated therefore consuming much energy.

Worn-out heating elements in the bathroom can also lead to energy wastage, as with the plumbing lines with water. The water heating may be efficient, but the plumbing lines may leak or trigger quick heat loss. Luckily, kitchen and bath pros can offer various plumbing services.


It’s not about children and pets, but also your safety. Damaged tiles, electrical outlets, and leaking plumbing lines can pose a danger in the kitchen and bathroom. Slippery kitchens and bathrooms can lead to deadly falls. That aside, you may cook stale food if the refrigerator is not functioning. The same case with faulty or rusty showers that cause skin infections.

As a general rule of thumb, upgrading these areas where we spend early day hours will help us stay safe.

Specific Renovations You Can Do To Your Master Bathroom and Kitchen

Regarding the master bathroom and kitchen renovations, some key components and areas need much attention. The countertop is one of the key areas. A countertop holds most items, therefore prone to acidic fluids. This leads to rusting and quick wear. The showers wear very fast in bathrooms, especially when using hard water.

Below are the specific renovations you need for the kitchen and bathrooms:


The kitchen design and layout are determined by the number of household members and other activities you may need to do. For instance, you may renovate a home kitchen and commercialize it. That’s by cooking for the family and baking cakes for sale. So, you must define how you will use the kitchen and your budget.

Here are the key areas of renovations for the kitchen:

The layout – kitchen layout must be your first consideration. An open layout connecting the kitchen to the dining or living room is very popular. But you define your layout depending on how you want to use the kitchen. Mainly, you must position the four major components of a kitchen, namely the refrigerator, stove, storage, and sink.

Appliances – the kitchen is the most exposed room in the home. So, you don’t need to get different color appliances for the kitchen. The overall appearance of the kitchen should look organized and have uniformity.

Storage – kitchen items vary in size ranging from smaller utensils to large pots. Positioning them in easily accessible areas will ease the cooking activities. The items must be in good storage and ready for use.

Electrical – with the current technology, most kitchen operations are done with electricity. Coffee makers, blenders, food processors, and other appliances use electricity. Your kitchen and bath pros must position the electrical outlets in suitable areas to supply all the appliances with power.

Flooring – kitchen flooring is essential for safety. Slippery tiles can pose a higher risk to humans and pets. Ideally, choose hardwood, laminate, or carpet for your kitchen. The specialist must also know to position the drain pipes from the sinks to avoid calling drain cleaners always for unblocking services.

Windows – many people forget about kitchen windows because smoke extractors would help keep the room refreshed. But kitchen windows are essential in keeping the room more lively. A good window company will advise you on the best kitchen windows. I prefer casement windows.

Master Bathroom

In the bathroom, every inch of space matters. You need a space for the bath, sink, vanity, shower, towel rail, mirrors, and other items. So, you must clearly understand what you need at the end of the project guided by your budget.

Here are the specific areas to renovate in a bathroom:

Flooring – a reliable flooring company should help you decide which tile will withstand large quantities of water. A good flooring expert will advise you on ceramic, marble, or porcelain tiles. You must also consider which tiles that are easier to clean because bathrooms are prone to stains. Finally, you must choose bath-friendly tiles that are less slippery to avoid potential falls.

Plumbing – bathroom plumbing is essential for health. Old and rusty pipes can cause skin irritations and infections. On the other hand, kitchen and bath pros should advise you on the best positions if you want to change the sink, shower, bath, or toilet if you wish to change them.

Electrical – the electrician should work with the team during demolitions to determine which areas to fix the electrical components. They should decide the best position for the lights and mirrors to match effectively. If you need plants and flowers for the bathroom decor, a florist can fix them after completing the project.

Storage – low bathroom shelves and cabinets can make the bathroom more spacious. The advantage of experts is that they can refer you to most bathroom upgrade items suppliers, including the wholesale cabinet supplier. You can also improve the bathroom’s toilets, sinks, tapware, vanity, bath, and shower.

What Services Should You Seek for Kitchen and Master Bathroom Renovations?

First, you must define the areas you need improvement in both the kitchen and the master bathroom. After deciding what to achieve, search for kitchen and bath pros. You will notice nowadays, the competition has pushed most companies to offer services in packages.

However, knowing what you need will help you negotiate the costs rather than getting charged for general services. For instance, if you want renovations and hot water heater installation, your charges will be lower because the plumber and the electrician will work as a team.

Generally, research the companies and the services they offer. Also, check the customer reviews on specific services and determine which company suits your project. Finally, go for insured contractors even if you have home insurance. This gives you better security for your household items.

How Much Does a Master Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The kitchen remodeling cost varies depending on your region. Remodeling Magazine estimates the national remodeling cost at $80,809 for a midrange kitchen and $158,015 for an upscale major kitchen. However, according to Remodeling magazine, costs can go up in specific areas. For instance, midrange major kitchen remodeling in the Pacific region can go up to $88,229, and upscale major kitchen remodeling can jump to $171,150.

Home Advisor also puts the 2023 average kitchen remodel price at

$14,549 – $40,425. According to their report, a small kitchen remodel can cost about $10-15,000, while a lavish remodel can cost $130,000+.

Forbes report outlines the average costs of remodeling a bathroom. Half-bath remodels can cost $2,000 to $5,000 on average, while full-bath remodels cost $6,000 to $15,000. Primary bath remodels can cost $10,000 to $30,000 on average.

Benefits of Master Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelling Over Constant Repairs

  • Remodeling allows you to expand the space and acquire the latest technologies.
  • Remodeling allows you to incorporate various elements to improve comfort and experience.
  • Remodeling enhances safety by incorporating modern equipment that is more advanced than the earlier equipment.
  • Remodeling saves you on utilities due to modern efficient appliances.
  • Remodeling improves the home’s value with the latest equipment than ordinary repairs.

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends

You can choose hundreds of kitchen and bathroom trends for your home. Luckily, most kitchen and bath pros will show you a list of their past projects and choose what impresses you. But which are more popular in the modern world?

Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be hidden rooms. Nowadays, we have sociable kitchens. Kitchens are designed with curved structures to allow more seating areas. This allows you to socialize with guests as you prepare a meal.

Multiuse kitchens are another popular trend. Kitchens can hold a study area where you can read a novel or listen to music before meals. Bathrooms also have a trend of natural stone surfaces with statement lighting. You can also choose colors with the help of painting specialists.

DIY Activities for Master Bathroom and Kitchen

You can save money by handling simple kitchen and master bathroom repair activities. For example, changing the plants and flower decor is easier. You can also update the bath mats and swap the bath curtains. Moreover, you can hang some art by yourself.

You can clean the tiles and appliances on weekends or days off in the kitchen. Another DIY activity for the kitchen is changing the window curtains and installing the art, among others.

Renovating a master bathroom and kitchen by hiring kitchen and bath pros will improve your home’s value. Also, the kitchen and bathroom are the areas of a home with high moisture. These can encourage mold and mildew if you reduce the cleaning efforts. It shouldn’t be a monthly activity, but after a few years, at least show your kitchen and master bathroom some love.

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