The Popularity of Grain Free Dog Food Over Time

There’s a lot of mixed information about grain free dog food, and it’s time to clear some things up. The Youtube video “The Rise & Fall of Grain-Free Pet Food” explains how this nutritional trend gained popularity and dwindled later. Let’s find out more!

Dog owners want to feed their dogs the most beneficial foods out there, but sometimes, it’s hard to know what information is correct. Grain free dog food gained popularity at some point, but many people came forward to debunk the alleged benefits of this option.

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So, was its trendiness a lie? A marketing ploy? Or is it truly healthy for your dog?

When grain free options started to appear everywhere, it was seen as the ultimate natural food for dogs. According to Ryan Yamka, a board-certified companion animal nutritionist, grain is a carbohydrate that can be replaced with other ingredients. Still, the result will be mostly the same. The big trend now is millet, but Yamka says it’s less digestible than corn. So, it’s likely that dog owners end up buying a more expensive version of the same kibble.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about grain free diets for dogs.


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