The 6 Levels of Fedex Express Service

If you need a package or a document to get somewhere, guaranteed on a specific day, you can select one of six FedEx service levels as shipping options to help make that happen for you. FedEx Express can ship packages or documents overnight by 6 AM through the overnight service.

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If you need it there by 10:30 AM, you can choose priority overnight shipping. For the end of the day the next day, you can select an overnight standard service.

There are also two levels for next-day shipping. You can select an AM delivery or a PM delivery. The AMs are usually delivered by 10 AM for businesses and noon for residents. The PM service is typically 3 PM for businesses, and end of the day for residents.

They also offer an express saver which is a 3-day shipping service. If you’re shipping really far away and you don’t need it there overnight or the next day, the 3-day option is a perfect option for quickly shipping items. It’s ideal if you have a bit of a window to work with, but would like it there before ground shipping times.

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