Expectations for a Primary Care Doctor Visit

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Going to the doctor can be a nerve-wracking task. However, your primary care doctor is there to make sure you’re receiving high-quality care consistently. This article will let you know what you can expect when visiting your primary care doctor.

The first step when you arrive at the doctor’s office will be to check-in. There will be a front desk and an attendant who will confirm your appointment.

If it’s your first time at the office, you will likely be handed a clipboard with some forms on it to complete concerning your medical history. It’s recommended to show up to the appointment at least 15 minutes beforehand to give yourself time to fill these out.

Wait patiently in the waiting room after you complete your forms. A nurse or other member of the primary care doctor’s team will come out to call you back. They will measure all of your vitals, including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygenation levels. They will also take your weight and height.

After these metrics are recorded, the team member will confirm why you came in. Let them know if it’s a routine check-up or if there is an acute problem that’s bothering you. They will relay this information to the doctor.

The doctor will come in and give a physical examination, potentially double-checking your vitals and asking for more details concerning your health and medical history. With this information, they will diagnose you, make out any prescriptions or referrals you need, and send you on your way.

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