What Is Ecotoxicology?

Whether you work in a STEM field or you just love learning about nature and science, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term ecotoxicology before. But what does this term mean and what is ecotoxicology? Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this term and its practice.

Ecotoxicology is a branch of ecology, which is the study of plants and animals in the world around us. This particular branch of ecology focuses on the effects of toxic chemicals on biological organisms like plants and animals.

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This field of study is incredibly important for farmers, both of plants and of animals. The information gathered by ecotoxicologists is used to make more informed decisions about what to feed farm animals, how to fertilize crops, and what methods of pest control are safest.

Without this vital field of study, it’s possible that the food we grow and consume could experience serious harm and cause serious harm upon ingestion. Ecotoxicologists are aiming to protect the environment and the human population with their research.


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