Amazons Data Center

In this video, you will learn about edge data centers. Amazon web services are top of the line as far as the internet age. Amazon also supplies web services to Netflix, Disney, and BMW.

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Internet services earn billions of dollars every day. It is complex when you really think about it. Amazon warehouses are some of the most advanced in the entire world. AWS is widely successful in how they operate. Amazon is one of the only successful companies that started completely online and still remains online. In 2003, AWS started at Jeff Bezos lakehouse. Another service that makes Amazon so successful is that they sell to other businesses and other businesses can pay a portion to sell to Amazon. While other companies do e-commerce, Amazon is one of the only companies that sell for other companies and profits off of it. Each individual Amazon warehouse center runs over 50 individual servers. It is quite impressive. With more profit, you can run more data. There is a lot to know about data centers. Amazon has one of the most impressive data centers. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading for more information.

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