50 States 50 Lawns: Round 2 — Alabama Resident’s Second Nationwide Trip to Mow Lawns

A Hunstville resident, and Alabama A and M student, has set plans to make his second trip around the country to mow lawns.

Rodney Smith Jr. has announced that he will make another trip to each of the 50 states so that he can once again mow lawns for free.

As a college student, Smith mowed lawns between classes for those he thought could use the help. About 80% of Alabama residents mow their lawns on a weekly or biweekly basis, and Smith was out there doing what he could for those who couldn’t. As his ambition to continue helping his community grew, he began a movement that took on serious speed.

Smith made his first nationwide trip on May 10, 2017, mowing lawns for the sick, elderly, disabled, veterans, and single moms of North America. The trip’s purpose was to raise awareness about Raising Men Lawn Care Service, as well as to encourage children to accept the “50 Yard Challenge.”

The Raising Men Lawn Care Service is an initiative, founded by Rodney Smith Jr., to help give the youth of the nation a chance to make a difference in their community. The kids learn the value of hard work, achievement, and community through projects such as snow shoveling and lawn mowing for those who struggle to do it themselves.

The 50 Yard Challenge, sponsored by the RMLCS, challenges kids across the United States to mow 50 lawns for their community, free of charge. Every time they hit a goal, they’re sent a different colored t-shirt honoring their achievement. If they cut all 50 lawns, the RMLCS will come visit them and mow a few lawns with them. The child who cuts all 50 lawns will also receive a brand new lawn mower.

RMLCS has even received equipment donations and funding from manufacturer Briggs and Stratton to help continue their mission.

Smith’s second nationwide trip will take place on May 7, 2018, when he will once again travel to each state to mow lawns. As an addition to his trip, and as an improvement to the last, he also plans to teach children about lawn mower safety as well as the impact of community service. He also plans to promote the 50 Yard Challenge and get the nation’s youth out of their homes and out helping the community.

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