Cat Risks One Of Its Nine Lives To Save Alabama Owners From Home Blaze

In terms of heroic pets, dogs seem to get all the glory. From police duties to therapy services, canines tend to be applauded for their protective and loyal instincts. But that doesn’t mean that our felines can’t show immense acts of love in times of dire need. One Alabama couple found out just how devoted their family cat was when a fire broke out in their home — and their cat risked one of its nine lives just to save them from the blaze.

Earlier this month, WSFA News reported that an elderly Dadeville couple was asleep in bed when a fire broke out in their kitchen. The average U.S. kitchen has about 25 square feet of counter space, meaning there’s plenty of room for a fire to spread (and plenty of places where flames could ignite). As the fire started to gain speed throughout the house, the couple’s cat jumped on their bed to alert them that something was amiss. If it hadn’t been for the cat’s actions, said Fire Chief Keith Wilkerson, the couple might not have survived; they were only a few minutes away from being consumed by the fire.

The owners sustained minor burns when they opened up their bedroom door to escape the home: the female suffered burns to her hands and the male sustained burns on his back and face. Fighting the substantial blaze required seven fire trucks, and the heat was such that it charred a pine tree located 30 yards away from the home.

Although they were not seriously hurt, their home was completely destroyed by the fire, as were their two cars and boat. On average, fire and smoke damage can cost $4,172 to fix, but with a total loss like this, costs will likely be much more. Fortunately, those costs won’t include the loss of their cat, as it escaped unscathed.

Even though the fire chief had said he’d never seen anything like this in his 40 years in the department, this isn’t the first time a cat has saved its family from peril. Back in August, a black cat in Chester, South Carolina saved her family of eight from a devastating fire by making sure she woke everyone in the house so they could escape. And in Bartow, Florida, a young calico saved her sleeping family of five from danger when an oven mitt left on the toaster caught fire.

In this case, there are conflicting reports about what happened to the family cat after it escaped. But one thing investigators have confirmed is that the fire was accidental — a result of wiring issues in the home.

While most people may assume that only a dog will safeguard their family, it’s apparent that a cat can show her bravery and dutiful nature, too.

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