Alabama Man Creates Customizable Tiny Homes Meant for Traveling the Country

Photo- Patrick Oden c/o Solent News
Photo- Patrick Oden c/o Solent News

One Alabama man is making headlines with his idea for a small, compact, yet completely livable home.

Back in 2014, Doug Schroeder founded Timbercraft Tiny Homes, a construction company based out of Guntersville, Alabama. They specialize in building luxury homes– yet they come in very tiny packages and are fully customizable.

The past few years have brought a trend of tiny things to seemingly every market, and Timbercraft Tiny Homes is no exception. However, Schroeder is trying to stand out from the crowd by creating a unique home and experience for every one of his guests.

Each one of his homes can function as a full-time living space and is built with the client’s needs in mind. For example, he has built homes that have incorporated family heirlooms of all kinds and is even in the process of installing a hand-made chandelier that is  hundreds of years old. Schroeder believes that these little touches are important in creating the feeling of “home,” so he goes above and beyond to make his tiny homes special for the homeowner.

“I set out to design a home that would be comfortable and convenient for full-time living and more than just a novelty,” Schroeder explains to the Daily Mail.”‘We stand apart because we do all our own CAD (computer aided drafting, software used to create a technical drawing) drawings inhouse and can design and build anything our client wants. We have not built two homes the same yet.”

But there is one home from his collection that is getting a little extra attention. The Denali is a 352 square foot home that includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a living space, and an open planned kitchen. And while the roof typically represents about 40% of a home’s visual exterior, it is the windows that make a big impact in this case. Despite its tiny home status, there are about 20 windows on all sides of the home.

Measuring 37 feet long and 8.8 feet wide, the Denali sounds like it would be quite cramped, but Schroeder has created plenty of room for storage including the wooden staircase acting as a chest of drawers, extra storage under the bed, and a miniature closet. The plumbing and electricity are similar to that of an RV and can be plugged in almost anywhere. There is also a full bathroom and sink, with an outdoor shower attached to the side of the house.

The tiny home is set up mostly on one floor, but there are steps that lead to a small bedroom that is big enough to hold a double bed. There’s even a portable porch!

The Denali, which takes only 10 weeks to build, is on the market for $89,000.

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