Alabama Artist Creates Social Media Craze with Shower Hair Art

Artist: Lucy Gafford
Artist: Lucy Gafford

Lucy Gafford is an artist based in Mobile, Alabama, but her most recent art project isn’t a conventional one. Instead of using pen, paper, and many other traditional media to create her masterpieces, Gafford uses shower hair.

Hair falls out in the shower. In fact, even the 35 million men who have experienced hair loss in the U.S. still may see some shedding during a shampoo or rinse. But while many strands simply get left on shower walls, Gafford has been using her shower as a canvas, and her strands of hair as the brush strokes.

Gafford has been creating art this way since 2014. Now, she creates a new piece of shower hair art at least once every week. Photos get posted to various social media outlets and are seen by a growing audience of followers.

To date, Gafford has created upwards of 400 unique works of art on her shower walls. She says her series of “Shower Hair Masterpieces” had its humble beginnings when her husband was out of town and she was bored.

“After showering one lonely night, my hair on the wall resembled a squirrel, so I tweaked it around, took a picture, and posted it on Twitter,” she said in an interview with BT.

She said that it started out as a kind of joke, but that she became enamored with the hairy works of art she was creating on her shower walls.

“I soon became obsessed with seeing how complicated I could get using my hair as a medium,” she said.

One out of three people go to work when they’re sick, but those who don’t usually sit on the couch or sleep. While she’s home, Lucy Gafford is creating art. She says her inspiration comes from a multitude of places, and that she’s never really sure what she’ll create in the shower next.

“It all has the potential to get hairy,” she said.

But hair isn’t the only medium Gafford uses to create her art; it’s simply become one of the most popular projects she’s worked on. She studied painting and sculpture at the University of South Alabama and has worked on numerous public mural projects, as well as a multitude of personal projects.

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