Alabama Bakery Offers Free Birthday Cupcakes to Prevent Spread of Germs

UPDATED 10/19/20

Pollman’s Bakery in Mobile, AL, has been a local staple for birthday cakes and other sweet treats for nearly 100 years. But this season, they’re asking customers not to blow out the candles on their birthday cakes. They will, however, give you a free cupcake to use instead.

The extra-cupcake campaign is part of a Mobile County Health Department initiative to raise awareness about the dangerous spread of germs during flu season. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone aged six months or older get a flu shot every year, the virus can still spread rapidly and cause hospitalization or death among non-vaccinated populations, especially young children and older adults.

In fact, Alabama has already reported “local activity” of the flu virus this year at rates higher than any other state in the union.

The idea for the cupcake campaign came after a recent study at Clemson University found an abundant increase in bacteria present on small cakes after some candles were blown out. Compared to 200 bacteria present while the candles were still lit, around 3,000 were observed post-blow, all capable of forming colonies and spreading germs.

Health Officer for Mobile County, Dr. Bernard H. Eichold II, doesn’t want people to abandon the birthday candle tradition, but he does think there are safer and more sanitary alternatives.

“Why not have your birthday candles on a cupcake?” Dr. Eichold asked. “Or just have a candle sitting down, have everyone sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ blow out the candle and eat the food?”

Pollman’s Bakery may be the first to take up the cupcake candle initiative, but hopefully, they won’t be the last.

“I agree with Dr. Eichold on how it can help the public,” said Rose Pollman, who runs the third-generation family bakery with her husband, Fred. “We think it is a great idea. This will keep the germs off the cake. This is great for kids and adults.”

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