New Study Reveals Alabama Suburban Parents Drive Distracted More Often Than Rural Parents

distractedResearchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Pediatrics recently discovered that Alabama parents living in suburban areas were more likely to use cell phones in some form while driving their children more often than parents living in rural areas.

The state is all too familiar with distracted driving, an epidemic that has claimed lives and caused countless injuries.

The study compared cell phone habits of 150 parents while transporting their children and used a model previously published by researchers in New Haven, Connecticut.

Parents were asked to fill out a 10-question survey that focused on parental driving behaviors.

Surprisingly enough, the survey results revealed that a full 90% of English-speaking parents living in the Alabama suburbs with children under the age of 18 reported using cell phones while driving, as compared to only 86% of parents meeting the same requirements in rural areas.

In addition to having a child under the age of 18, parents who filled out the survey must also have had a valid driver’s license and a cell phone.

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All of the┬áparents who filled out the University of Alabama’s distracted driving survey will also be tested to assess their driving habits.

Each of the parents who participated was required to undergo educational intervention to prevent distracted driving and potentially fatal accidents in the future.

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