Anonymous Poster Attempting to Ruin Career of Alabama Real Estate Agent

Huntsville real estate agent, Monika Glennon, has been listing homes in Alabama for 17 years. After several online incidents, she’s decided to go to court.

Glennon is hoping to find out who has been anonymously posting online about her in a negative way. Glennon’s lawsuit, filed in federal district court, says that someone accused her of having a sexual encounter with a client’s husband in a home that she was trying to sell.

According to, two of the sites that the same accusatory posts were found are: and Those sites are two of the first listings that come up during a Google search for Glennon’s name.

“I can’t even describe what it was like,” said Glennon. “It was like getting stabbed in the heart. I knew it never happened, but people will believe that they want to when they see it. I knew it had the potential to damage everything I’ve worked so hard for.”

Roughly 40% of homebuyers find their real estate agent through a referral from a friend or family member, but in today’s online world, it’s almost a guarantee that everyone will perform a Google search of any prospective agents. Doing this, in Glennon’s case, could harm her chances of winning the clients she otherwise would have no problem getting.

“I was never a top producer,” she ads, “but I usually had multiple closings a month. Over the last three to four months, she has significantly lost business, only closing on one deal.

“I lost a couple of listings right away,” said Glennon. “People call you, and then you never hear from the again. You can only assume it’s because they looked you up.”

WaayTV reports that Glennon is suing the anonymous poster for libel, interference with business relations and false light invasion of privacy.

Maybe I was just a random target,” added Glennon. “On the other hand, if it’s somebody who knows me and knows I’m not going to let it go after 10 months, it is really scary. People have hurt people for less than that.”

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