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Jasper’s Busted Knuckle Films Brings Offroading to the Masses

bareknuckle films off road racingA Jasper, AL, multimedia film studio and eCommerce company is gaining national attention this year, dominating an adventure sports niche that includes extreme mega trucks, rock bouncing, and formula off-road racing. Busted Knuckle Films CEO Matt Myrick recently opened up about his unexpected success in a new interview with WIAT, and he argued Alabama is simply the best place in the world for off-roading and other extreme auto sports.

“This is the mecca for the sport of rock bouncing, and we want to be the go-to Motorsports media for off-road Motorsports,” Myrick told WIAT. “Anything extreme Motorsports that gets your blood pumping, I’m all about.”

Speaking about his company’s success, Myrick said, “It’s blown up,” adding, “I can’t even explain it.”

In the digital age, a website like has just 10 seconds to make an impression on viewers, and the Jasper production company certainly makes a strong impression. While much larger, legacy media outlets are struggling to survive in the 21st century, this off-roading niche outlet has used new media and eCommerce to its advantage.

With social media sites like Facebook putting more emphasis on short videos, Bare Knuckle Film’s adrenaline-pumping clips have earned the company a passionate online following. Nearly 2.5 million people watch their videos on Facebook, their YouTube videos have millions more views, and the company’s Instagram profile has more than 181,000 followers and counting.

And in addition to its popular off-roading videos and social media posts, the company also has an online store catering to the adventure set. In just the two years since Myrick started the company, Bare Knuckle Films has quickly earned itself a national name, a rare feat for any local entertainment company.

“It all started when I bought my first video camera to video our off road trips,” reads Myrick’s website. “I wanted to be able to show people just why it is that we spend so much time and money wrenching on our rigs only to go out and thrash them, break them, fix them and do it all over again. It is all about you and your machine against the elements. The more we filmed and edited the videos the more people kept telling us that we should make DVDs and sell them. So we did just that.”

Now, the Jasper, AL, company’s filmmakers travel around the country filming extreme off-roading experts, letting viewers around the world live vicariously through their favorite adrenaline junkies. One recent title from the company, “Rock Rods 5,” promises viewers that they can “Go along for the ride of your life as we travel all over the Country following the Crazy Rock Stars of Rock Bouncing on an Epic quest to conquer the Baddest Hills and Obstacles known to man. Shot on location in Tennessee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Alabama, and California.”


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