Alabama Police Find Suspect Sleeping in Dryer During Drug Bust

laundry machinesAn Alabama man was caught sleeping in a dryer when the police raided his house in April.

Michael Christopher Davis got a little too comfortable and fell asleep in his hiding place in a clothes dryer as authorities raided his home upon learning of a drug operation on the property.

After several offenders were taken into custody, the police heard “a strange sound coming from the clothes dryer which was sitting three feet from where they were taking inventory of the contraband,” the Brookside Police Department stated on their Facebook page.

They found Davis snoring in the dryer. He told Sgt. Bryan Watkins, “I was trying to hide and y’all just stayed too long… I fell asleep.” Ultimately, it was his snoring that did him in. Snoring is a common problem affecting 90 million American adults, but for most sufferers it is merely an inconvenience for their bed partner. How many can say that their snoring actually got them arrested?

The investigation is part of the Brookside Police Department’s “Operation Crack Down,” which resulted in nine people being arrested on drug distribution and possession charges last week.

“Operation Crack Down” also led to an incident in which a drug suspect was arrested after pointing a gun at a Brookside officer. Officers were carrying out a “buy-bust” when suspect Anthony Lukeen Edwards fled the scene.

The officers chased after him. The lead officer slipped and fell by a creek bed, at which point Edwards stood over him with his handgun pointed straight at the officer.

The unnamed police officer fired his weapon, but missed the suspect who took off running. He was eventually caught and taken into custody.

“Drugs are a serious and dangerous business,” said Brookside Police Chief Jason Springfield. “They are ruining many lives.”

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