Noah Galloway of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Becomes Ambassador for Homes for Our Troops and Gets Keys to His Very Own Home

new houseNoah Galloway, the beloved Alabama veteran turned “Dancing With the Stars” finalist, solemnly accepted the keys to a brand new house in Shelby County just last week. The home was provided by Homes for Our Troops, an organization dedicated to providing sustainable and accommodating housing options for war veterans — particularly those who have sustained life-altering injuries.

Before Galloway danced his way into America’s heart, he had been stationed in Iraq, where he sustained injuries during a bomb blast in 2005. Through “Dancing With the Stars,” Galloway has managed to not only recover and rebuild his physical strength, but he has managed to overcome depression and win the hearts of millions across America.

Galloway’s story is so inspiring to others because it represents true triumph and transcendence in the face of difficulties. Noah’s mother, Bebe Galloway, is overwhelmed with pride at how far her son has come.

“This past year has been amazing,” Galloway’s mother told “To think of where we were, in the hospital when he was injured, and at that time thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, what’s he going to do with his life?’ And to see where he’s come… Oh my Lord, yes, I’m proud.”

Accepting help from Homes for Our Troops was not easy for Noah. The organization services hundreds of veterans who are struggling, physically and financially, because of their injuries.

While things were certainly financially tight, Galloway felt blessed for his health and his elite physical apititude, despite losing parts of two limbs during his time in Iraq.

But ultimately, Galloway realized that his home would benefit him, providing him the safety, security, and comfort he needed on a daily basis.

“I take a shower on one leg in my bathroom, it’s not handicap accessible,” Galloway said in an interview. “They say most injuries occur in the bathroom. And that’s one of the best features in the house [because] it’s so accessible.”

While over 615,000 single family houses have been built as of March in 2015, many don’t specifically cater to the needs of disabled veterans, a rapidly increasing population.

And as part of accepting his new home, Galloway has become a spokesperson for Homes for Our Troops, advocating for veterans like himself who need better housing options.

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