Alabama Ranks 41st in the Nation for State Safety

Safety First 3d textHow safe is your state?

If you live in Alabama, the answer might be shocking to hear. In a recent state safety ranking, the Yellowhammer State ranked 41st in the nation, placing it in the lower tier of safety in the U.S.

According to the Scottsboro Daily Sentinel, Alabama ranked poorly based upon a number of safety categories, ranging from protection from violence and crime to workplace safety, emergency preparedness, home and community stability, road safety and average financial security.

The rankings, determined by personal finance site WalletHub, found that Alabama fares worst in the categories of financial safety (41st), road safety (27th), natural disaster preparedness and safety (48th) and home and community safety (36th).

On a more positive note, however, Alabama remains one of the safest states in the U.S. for workers. While about 5.5 workplace injuries take place for every 100 full-time workers across the country, the rate of workplace injury is much lower in Alabama. WalletHub ranked Alabama 12th in the nation for workplace injury.

Which states ranked best on WalletHub’s safety analysis? Massachusetts, Vermont and Minnesota are the top three safest states in the nation, according to the Lincoln Courier, with New Hampshire and Hawaii rounding out the top five.

Ultimately, safety isn’t something that should be taken lightly, especially if you plan on moving to a different state. In its report, WalletHub urged people across the country to make safety a top priority when choosing where to relocate.

“We all have different needs to evaluate before packing the dishes,” WalletHub’s report explained. “For some of us, cost of living and tax burden are the most important factors. For others, it’s education standards, health care quality or all of the above. But whatever our motivations for moving, safety should always rank among our top priorities when comparing places to live.”

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